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Martley Geology (LEADER) project 

On Miss Phillips Conglomerate, Notes and Figures

Worcestershire Countryside Treasures Part 1Part 2 (very long documents)

Mystery of The Malverns

Flint Implements  from Worcester and Malvern

Martley Pit Papers from Murchison onwards

Coal on The Berrow

1945 Aerial Picture of Martley Rock Site

Notes about Old Kingswood from Tina Jaray

TVGS archiveThe archive includes historical items, papers and photos on the local geology. Most items are available for loan.
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Historical items
The founders of geology / Archibald Geikie ; 1st edition , 297 pagesContains the Transition or Greywacke Formation resolved by Sedgwick and Murchison1897
Lithograph Roderick Murchison Art Southstone Rock Worcestershire, collection code 226, National Archives serial number 2411643 ; Size: 11.25 x 8.5 inches or 29 x 22 cm ; Certificate of authenticity. Acquired by TVGS November 2014Sir Roderick Murchison, the artist, describes the rock as the largest piece of travertine existing in Great BritainPrint date 1861
Notes in the Teme Valley / Oliver Baker, Transactions of Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Association, 10 pagesNotes on old buldings and churches near Newnham Bridge, with illustrations1888
Observer’s book of geology / I.O. EvansPage 89 shows black and white photo of Penny Hill described as ‘sloping rock-bed  near Martley, Wilts’ !1968
Observations on certain curious indentations in the old red sandstone of Worcestershire and Herefordshire / Jabez Alllies , 132 pagesJabez Allies of Worcestershire Natural History Society wonders about impressions in local stone and refers to legends and the Deluge, with sketches of rock ‘prints’1835
Old stones: notes of lectures on the plutonic, Silurian, and Devonian rocks in the neighbourhood of Malvern / William S. Symonds , 149 pagesAddressed to the members of the Malvern, Woolhope and Cotteswolde Natural History Field Clubs1855
The old red sandstone / Hugh Miller , 385 pagesClassic Victorian account of fossil hunting in ORS, containing a few fine illustrations and coloured sections1882, 23rd ed
The rocks of Worcestershire / George Roberts , 247 pagesVictorian guide to geology of Worcestershire1860
Scenic routes and recreation planning: the Teme Valley experiment / Michael C. Dunn , 36 pagesCentre for urban and regional studies, University of Birmingham, Research memorandum No 27, isbn 070440074X1973
Severn, Wye and Forest of Dean / A. Dorothy Holmes , 100 pagesAs her husband Arthur Holmes geologised, Dorothy wrote about and sketched places of interest1945
Southstone rock  and heritage, Worcestershire / T. Winnington , 6 pagesWorcester Diocesan Architectural Society. Illustrated.1863
TVGS geology
A guide to the geology of Martley / Prepared for the Teme Valley Geological Society The general geological history is followed by a detailed look at 31 sites, with many photos. (additional copy)2013
Martley Rock: geodiversity site management plan / Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage TrustIncludes site features, educational value, site management, bibliography, soil survey2012
Martley conservation area appraisal and management strategy / Malvern Hills District CouncilAn appraisal of the buildings landscape and conservation area in Martley2006
The Precambrian inlier at Martley, Worcestershire: Martley Rock rediscovered  / William J. Barclay, Paul Olver, Sue Hay, Moira Jenkins, John Payne, John Nicklin and Natalie WatkinsReprinted from the Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club, Herefordshire, Vol. 60. Examination of Martley Rock by local geologists.2012
File of journal articles to do with TVGS
Report of Leeds Geological Association visit to Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark, pp 27-34Includes visit to Martley Rock, the Nubbins and Penny Hill2019
Mapping the Knighton geological sheet / Arthur Tingley ;  Magazine of the Geologists’ Association vol 18, no 4, pp 16Report on geological survey of the Knighton Geological 1:50000 BGS sheet 180, involving volunteers from TVGS2019
Small is beautiful / David Cropp ; Proceedings of OUGS 5 2019, pp 29-33Lecture on Martley and the GeoVillage concept from the ‘Music of the earth’ OUGS symposium held at Worcester in August 20182019
Filling the gap: the Knighton 180 mapping project / compiled by Chris Darmon ; Down to earth 104 ; August 2018, p 13General update with information from Moira Jenkins and Arthur Tingley2018
The Knighton Map project / Arthur Tingley ; Earth matters no 14 Dec 2017, pp 6-8Report for the Woolhope Club journal describes progress including graptolite hunting to detirmine rock type ages2017
Martley – a GeoVillage ; GEOExPro December 2016,  p 13Column describes Martley trailblazing the GeoVillage concept2016
Martley Village / John Nicklin ; Earth Matters no 9 Dec 2012, pp 2-3Report for Woolhope Club on Martley and the surrounding area, the excavation of Martley Rock and bold plans for the future2012
Local geology articles
A guide to the geology of the Malvern Hills and adjacent areas / W. G. Hardie, Worcestershire Education Committee, pp 1-54Includes maps and sections1969
Major clues in the tectonic history of the Malverns / N. L. Falcon, Geological Magazine vol. 84, pp 229-2401947
The Malvern and Abberley Hills, and the Ledbury District / Theodore Groom,  Jubilee volume of the Geologists’ Association Vol 1 pp 698-738 Includes 5 page list of locally recorded fossils plus map and section1899
An outline of the palaeogeography of the Birmingham Country / L. J. Wills, Proceedings Geologists’ Association, Vol 46 pp 211-246Includes maps1935
Structural geology of the Malvern, Abberley and Ledbury Hills / C. Phipps & F.A.E. Reeve, Quarterly Journal Geological Society Vol 125 pp 1-37Includes maps and sections1969
The tectonic structure of the Malvern Hills / N.E. Butcher, Proceedings of Geological Association pp 103-123Includes photos1961
Worcester and its region: field studies in the former County of Worcestershire / Worcester Branch of Geographical Association 1974Contents include papers listed below, each with clear maps and bibliography
The site of Worcester: it’s geology and geomorphology / L. Morris ; pp 24-341974
River terraces in the area around the City of Worcester / B. H. Adlam, pp 59-681974
The valley of the Teme – its Pleistocene geomorphology: Part  1 Glacial effects on the course of the uopper Teme / P. Cross, pp 69-77Mainly concerned with two major glacial diversions as Downton and at Orleton1974
The valley of the Teme – its Pleistocene geomorphology: Part  2 The course of the River Teme near Worcester / B. H. Adlam, pp 78-86Looks at the effects of glacial lake overspill under 3 headings: the gorge, the gap (at Knightsford Bridge) and the terraces1974
The geology and geomorphology of the Malvern Hills and their surroundings / L. Morris, pp 87-1051974
Upton Warren: a conservation site / A.V. Venables, pp 110-1171974
Frome Valley discovery guide / Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust ; isbn 9780954836085Informative guide to the geology and landscape of neighbouring valley2007
The geology of the Marches, Murchison to the modern era.Brochure for symposium held in Ludlow 2-4 October 2015. Organised by a partnership including  the TVGS2015
Music of the earthBrochure for Open University Geological Society sympsosium held in Worcester 10-12 August 20182019
An industrial archaelology and geology walk with David Poyner and Gerry Calderbank through former Mamble and Hunthouse collieries / Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark ; H&W Earth Heritage TrustLocated near Newnham Bridge, Mamble and Hunthouse collieries are part of Wyre Forest coalfield and were exploited from medieval times to the 1970s2010
Eichstatt slide showAndy Priest2013
Geo sites photosAndy Priest2010
Martley Rock photosAndy Priest2013
Martely Rock site management planH&WEHT2012
Penny Hill Quarry – 1998 pics of earth moving machinery. Stromatoporoid specimens
Woodbury Quarry – late 1980s pics of general quarrying
Woodbury Quarry – Carapace of horseshoe crab
The Weir Martley – black & white pic with cows
1945 Aerial view of Martley Pit Quarry – black & white A4 out of focus
Southstone Rock – old black & white post card showing rock & house above it
European Geoparks Magazine: European Geoparks network ; Issues 12, 13, 162015, 16,19
Arouka Geopark, Portugalmaps, handouts, guides2013
Kaczawskie Mountains, Poland, land of extinct volcanoesmaps, guides to land of extinct volcanoes2013
Sitia Nature Park, Cretemaps, biodiversity & ecotourism  guides in English2013