Teme Valley Geological Society

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  • Based in the Worcestershire village of Martley in the UK.
  • As a GeoVillage it is one of several villages across Europe which have outstanding geology.
  • Hold regular talks delivered by leading geologists.
  • Organise field trips from summer evening rambles to foreign field trips.
  • Research, conserve and promote local geology sites.
  • Engage in projects to carry out research on local geology and landforms.
  • Run courses in rocks, minerals, fossils and all things rock related.

Content relating to the talk

Paleocene Volcanism on the Isle of Skye

by Dr Simon M Drake

The presentation given by Simon on the evening of 22 May

GeoScientist – Falling Skye – Simon Drake & Andy Beard

Article about geovandalism of Skye impact sites

Discovery of a meteoritic ejecta layer containing unmelted impactor fragments at the base of Paleocene lavas, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Catastrophic caldera-forming pyroclastic eruptions and climate perturbations: the result of tectonic and magmatic controls on the Paleocene-Eocene Kilchrist Caldera, Isle of Skye, NW Scotland
Supplementary material for above paper.