Teme Valley Geological Society

What is TVGS about ? - click here
  • Based in the Worcestershire village of Martley in the UK.
  • As a GeoVillage it is one of several villages across Europe which have outstanding geology.
  • Hold regular talks delivered by leading geologists.
  • Organise field trips from summer evening rambles to foreign field trips.
  • Research, conserve and promote local geology sites.
  • Engage in projects to carry out research on local geology and landforms.
  • Run courses in rocks, minerals, fossils and all things rock related.

Next Talk

Mon 27 March 2023 7.30pm 

Prof. Ian Fairchild, University of Birmingham

An update on the Anthropocene


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Peak District Geo Walk

New Peak District Geo Walk. Book available as 14 PDF’s, one for each section of this circular long distance walk.




  1. Turkey Syria Earthquakes–what happened
  2. Italian Earthquake Expert Carlo Doglioni: Turkey Moved 3 Meters Towards Arabian Peninsula
  3. Can animals sense earthquakes?
  4. Turkey earthquake fault lines mapped from space
  5. A new ocean is being formed in Africa
  6. Magma Charts a Shockingly Unexpected Course Beneath Volcanoes
  7. Subduction initiation triggered the Caribbean large igneous province
  8. Dike Cross-Cutting Sedimentary Rock -Spain
  9. Late Devonian fish, the ‘one who consumes others,’ was 8 feet long
  10. Four ways that fossils are part of everyday life
  11. Earth’s Mantle Has a Gooey Layer We Never Knew About
  12. Was Earth already heating up, or did global warming reverse a long-term cooling
  13. Fossil study challenges assumptions about the ‘Great Dying
Somethings to cheer you up:-
  1. Ecosystem collapse ‘inevitable’ unless wildlife losses reversed
  2. Worries About the Earth’s Carbon Cycle
  3. What are the moral implications of humanity going extinct?