Teme Valley Geological Society

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  • Based in the Worcestershire village of Martley in the UK.
  • As a GeoVillage it is one of several villages across Europe which have outstanding geology.
  • Hold regular talks delivered by leading geologists.
  • Organise field trips from summer evening rambles to foreign field trips.
  • Research, conserve and promote local geology sites.
  • Engage in projects to carry out research on local geology and landforms.
  • Run courses in rocks, minerals, fossils and all things rock related.

Next Talk

Mon 23 January 2023 7.30pm 

David M Hill  SulGeology Ltd

The Geology of Yemen: An overview


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The full presentation wil be available for viewing soon!

Knighton NW corner in development

From Graeme, download. an article on the huge dragon flies that existed in the Carboniferous.


A Storyville documentary in which film-maker Werner Herzog pays homage to French volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft, who were killed in a pyroclastic flow in Japan in 1991.
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