Teme Valley Geological Society

What is TVGS about ? - click here
  • Based in the Worcestershire village of Martley in the UK.
  • As a GeoVillage it is one of several villages across Europe which have outstanding geology.
  • Hold regular talks delivered by leading geologists.
  • Organise field trips from summer evening rambles to foreign field trips.
  • Research, conserve and promote local geology sites.
  • Engage in projects to carry out research on local geology and landforms.
  • Run courses in rocks, minerals, fossils and all things rock related.

Next Talk

Mon 27 February 2023 7.30pm 

Tim Atkinson University College London

Sand Grains on Spreed – radioctive particles off the north coast of Scotland


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PDF of talk on Old Red Sandstone – Nov 28th 2022

Peak District Geo Walk

New Peak District Geo Walk. Book available as 14 PDF’s, one for each section of this circular long distance walk.


Faroes - North Atlantic Igneous Province

Two new distance learning courses from Nick Chidlaw.
Places still available on Atlantic Opening course



  1. How does coal form?
  2. 10 Books about Rocks, Minerals, Gems, and Crystals
  3. Are all rocks on Earth the same age? 
  4. The Contribution of Living Organisms to Rock Weathering
  5. Important new article on British glaciation
  6. Glaciers have existed on Earth for at least 60 million years—far longer than previously thought
  7. The Tamins rock avalanche (eastern Switzerland): timing and emplacement processes
  1. Earth’s North Magnetic Pole Is Heading Towards Siberia – And Now We Know Why 
  2. A new ocean is forming in Africa & may cause continental split
  3. Tool for Comparing the Size of Volcanic Eruptions
  4. What are mud volcanoes?
  5. Stromboli’s ‘rejuvenation’ heralds era of more variable volcanic eruptions
  6. This drone sniffs volcanic gas to predict eruptions
  7. Satellites observe highest volcano plume ever 
  8. Tonga volcano eruption continues to astonish
  9. Earth’s Missing Continent That Took 375 Years to Find
  10. Lava Boat Spotted In Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Eruption
  11. Native Hawaiians believe volcanoes are alive and should be treated like people, with distinct rights and responsibilities
  1. Cave Chamber Closed For 40,000 Years Found In Neanderthals’ Last Hangout
  2. Are we in the Anthropocene? Geologists could define new epoch for Earth
  3. New fossil assemblages from the Early Ordovician Fezouata Biota
  4. Fossil site reveals giant arthropods dominated the seas 470 million years ago
  1. Rock glaciers on Earth may help us prepare for water-seeking missions on Mars
  2. Giant mantle plume reveals Mars is more active than previously thought
  3. Long-lived lakes reveal a history of water on Mars