Brian Draper’s Teme Valley82 mins ; Hazelwood VideosA journey down the Teme valley
Charles Darwin and the tree of life with David Attenborough59 mins ;  BBC, 2009Evolution of the natural world is explained, by tracing Darwin’s life, and with wildlife footage
Chasing ice76 mins ; Dogwood, 2012James Balog record of changing glaciers in the Arctic
Deep Impact116 mins ; Movie  with star cast , 1998Feature movie about an enormous comet coming towards earth
Earth Story presented by Aubrey Manning389 mins ; BBC, 2006 ; transmitted 1998A BBC series explores key features of the planet
Earth The Power of the Planet presented by Iain Stewart295 mins ; BBC, 2008A BBC series about natural   disasters and showing the power of the earth to regenerate
Earthlight (Earth from above)85 mins ; Mill Reef, 1998A film seeing earth from the space shuttle
Eyes on the World (Fire Mountains)52 mins ; J P DavidsonHow the people of Java live with many active volcanoes
First life with David Attenborough120 mins ; BBC, 2010A look at key developments in the evolution of life
Flying monsters with David Attenborough70 mins ; BBC, 2011A look at the story of pterosaur flight
Glaciers – Alaska’s River of Ice90 mins ; USGS, 2003The distribution of glaciers, their formation and ecosystem
A global warning100 mins ; History Channel ; 2011A look at the past and future of earth’s climate (from 3 disc Our Planet – past, present and future)
Himalaya (3 discs) with Michael Palin352 mins ; BBC, 2004Michael Palin’s journey in the Himalayas
How Earth made us presented by Iain Stewart294 mins ; BBC, 2010How natural forces have shaped our history
How the Earth was Made191 mins ; History Channel ; 2011How physical processes have shaped the planet (from 3 disc Our Planet – past, present and future)
How the Earth was Made (4 parts) Season210 hours ; History Channel, 2010How the earth evolved over millions of years
How to grow a planet by Prof Iain Stewart176 mins ; BBC ; 2012The story of the evolutionary force of plants
Inside Planet Earth172 mins ; Discovery Channel, 2010The story of the earth’s interior and the balance of the sun and the energy in the earth’s core
Life after people, Welcome to earth. Polulation zero.108 mins ; History Channel ; 2011Shows how the planet will change with no people (from 3 disc Our Planet – past, present and future)
Living Rock60 mins ; USGS, 2002An introduction to the geology of the earth
Mountain- exploring Britain’s high places with Gryff Rhys Jones295 mins ; BBC, 2007Exploration of the high areas in Britain plus the history and lives of those living there today
Natural Wonders – Antarctica87 mins ; Discovery Channel, 2007Werner Herzog makes an Antarctica journey
Natural Wonders – The Grand   Canyon44 mins ; Discovery Channel, 2007How the Grand Canyon was formed
Nostalgia for the light90 mins ; New Wave films, 2010Aclaimed documentary about the politics and geology of Chile’s Atacama desert
Origins of us with Alice Roberts176 mins ; BBC, 2011Examining how humans have evolved, from forest ape to powerful species
Picnic in Siluria25 mins ; produced by Paul Olver ; Woolhope Club, 2008Re-enactment of 1850s geological field trip led by Sir Roderick Murchison to Croft Ambrey
The planets presented by Prof Brian Cox290 mins ; BBC, 2019Story of each planet with detailed visual effects
The planets – the inner planets Mercury & Venus44 mins ; History Channel, [2011]
The planets – the Earth & the Moon, Mars & Jupiter176 mins ; History Channel, [2011]
The planets – Saturn & the outer planets88 mins ; History Channel, [2011]Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Raging Planet  Angry Earth)Discovery Channel , 2007Part of an eight part series about various aspects of earth such as volcanoes, avalanches, El Nino   etc.
Raging Planet (Avalanches)Discovery Channel , 2007
Raging Planet (El Nino)Discovery Channel , 2007
Raging Planet (Fireballs from   Space)Discovery Channel , 2007
Raging Planet (Planet Storm)Discovery Channel , 2007
Raging Planet (Savage Sun)Discovery Channel , 2007
Raging Planet (When Nature Rules)Discovery Channel , 2007
Raging Planet (Volcanoes)Discovery Channel, 2007
Richard Hammond’s Journey to the centre of the planet117 mins ; BBC, 2011Exploring how the earth works using a giant 3D virtual earth and visiting real locations
Rise of the continents presented by Prof Iain Stewart200 mins ; BBC, 20134 part series looks at the formation and character of the continents
Sahara with Michael Palin236 mins ; BBC, 2002Palin’s journey across the Sahara
Solar Max40 mins ; Museum of science, 2003An exploration through time and space to experience the sun’s force.
Supervolcano (Beneath Earth’s   surface)118 mins ; Discovery Channel, 2005The story of what could happen to the earth if a supervolcano erupted
Universe – aliens and time travel by Stephen HawkingDiscovery, 2011A guide to the universe
Universe – the story of everything by Stephen Hawking88 mins ; Discovery, 2011Hawking’s ideas about time travel and the possibility of aliens occupying earth
Yellowstone180 mins ; BBC, 2009Explores the wildlife and geology of Yellowstone National Park