Helsby Sandstone in Martley

Martley in Worcestershire, home of the Teme Valley Geological Society, has numerous outcrops of a wide variety of formations and periods. One of the best is to be seen in the garden of one of our members, Ian Pennell. Ian has put together a short film with commentary from Prof. Ian Fairchild. The film is on U-Tube, with THIS link.

From the Geologists Association

The Royal Society’s has a packed programme planned for its
Summer Science Online in 2020
the University of Worcester has a superb series of 
virtual field trips to Glaciers and Glacial Landscape,
and the Lyme Regis Museum has some imaginative 
MAKE & DO projects to occupy geology enthusiasts of all ages.

Plus don’t forget the 
GA’s first virtual vLecture is being held on Friday 10 July @ 6pm
“The weird and wonderful world of Sedimentology” given by
Dr Jon Noad live from Canada
GA members go to the GA website member’s area for the Zoom meeting details. 
Non-members please contact Sarah Stafford – sarah@geologistsassociation.org.uk for the meeting details.

Tomotectonic Analysis of Western North America

From West Country Blogspot, in which Graeme makes the rest of us feel a little less insecure by professing he too had never heard the term tomotectonic. I checked its derivation and tomo means a slice or a section but in the reference I found, with English words beginning with tomo, tomotectonic was not one of them. the Americans have a lot to answer for. Super animated globe and for those who wish, a complex article on the topic, start HERE