Title – recently added titles with asterix *Author(s), edition, publication date, isbnDescription
*The Alps: a natural companionPaul Gannon, Jim Langley, 2019, 9781913167011A well illustrated look at the geology, flowers and walks in the Alps
*Arabian plate hydrocarbon geology and potential – a plate tectonic approachZ.R.Beydoun, 1991, 0891810412Geological histories of oil reserves, includes folded map
*Atlas of invertebrate macrofossilsJohn W. Murray, 1985, 0582300991Palaeontological Association photographic classification of invertebrate fossil groups
Atlas of structural geologySoumyajit Mukherjee,  2015,  9780124201521250 colour photos include folds, shear zones, faults, veins, boudins and mullions
Auvergne: classic geology in Europe 2Peter Cattermole,  2001,  978190354405XGeological guide to Plateau des Domes, Sancy Massif, Cantal Complex & Haute Loire
Basic geological mappingJohn Barnes,  3rd ed. 1995,  9780471960317Provides basic guide to field techniques
*Breakthroughs in geology: ideas that transformed earth scienceby Graham Park, 2019, 9781780460765Includes recent ideas in geology
*Bristol and Gloucester region: British regional geologyG.W.Green, 1995, 3rd ed., 0118844822British Geological Survey regional guide
Britain beneath our feetBritish Geological Survey,  2004,  0852724799Overview of Britain’s land quality, underground hazards, resources and geology
The buildings of England: WorcestershireAlan Brooks and Nikolaus Pevsner,  2007,  9780300112986Pevsner’s classic guide to architecture
Canary Islands: classic geology in Europe 4Juan Carlos Carracedo & Simon Day,  2002,  1903544076Visitors’ guide to the volcanic geology of the 7 main islands of the Canaries
Central England: British regional geologyEdmunds and Oakley,  2nd ed. 1958,  no isbnBritish Geological Survey regional guide
Coal measures forestsB. A. Thomas & C. J. Cleal, 1993, 0720003946Well illustrated booklet on Carboniferous forests and their fossils
A colour atlas of rocks and minerals in thin sectionW. F. MacKenzie & A. E. Adams,  1994,  9781874545170An introduction to use of thin sections with good colour photos
Cornwall’s geological heritagePeter Stanier,  2006,  9780906294611An outline geological history and suggestions of places to visit
Cyprus: classic geology in Europe 7Stephen Edwards et al.,  2010,  9781903544150Geological guide to the Troodos Massif and surrounding areas with excursions
The dark side of the earthRobert Muir Wood, 1986,  0045500487History of plate tectonics and the scientists involved
The dating gameCherry Lewis, 2000, 9781107659599The story of Arthur Holmes and dating the earth
Death of an ocean (Geological   Borders Ballad)Euan Clarkson & Brian Upton, 2010,   9781906716028The demise of the Iapetus Ocean and the development of the border area of Scotland
Dictionary of geologyPenguin Reference, 2nd ed. 2001,   9780140514940Concise and informative dictionary for wide audience
Dinosaurs of the Isle of WightEd. By David M. Martill et al., 2001,  0901702722Palaeontological Association guide to dinosaur species found in the coastal cliffs
*The dinosaurs rediscovered: how a scientific revolution is rewriting historyMichael Benton, 2019, 9780500295533Describes the latest fossils and technological discoveries
The dynamic earth, an introduction to physical GeologySkinner & Porter,  2000,  0471161187The physical geology of the earth with illustrations, maps and tables
The earth: a very short introductionMartin Redfern,  2003,  9780192803078Fascinating facts on the earth’s history
The earth from spaceGoodplanet Foundation,  2013,  9780500517215Over 150 stunning satellite photographs, (very large book in cupboard in MMH)
Earth in 100 groundbreaking discoveriesDouglas Palmer,  2011,  9780857385017Impressive photos with text tell the story of the development of the earth
Earth’s deep history: how it was discovered and why it mattersMartin Rudwick,  2014,  9780226203935Story of the discovery of earth’s immensely long history over the last 400 years
East Anglia and adjoining areas: British Regional GeologyC.P.Chatwin, 4th ed. 1961, 0118806661British Geological Survey regional guide
The ecology of fossils: an illustrated guideEd. by W.S.McKerrow, 1978, 0715609440Study of fossils as communities in changing environments over time
The elements of palaeontologyRhona M. Black, 2nd ed. 1988, 9780521348362Well illustrated and acclaimed textbook for beginners and more advanced students
*Evaporites through space and timeEd. by B.C.Schreiber, S.Lugli & M.Babel, 2007, 9781862392328Geological Society Special Publication research papers on evaporite deposits
*Farewell, King Coal: from industrial triumph to climatic disasterAnthony Seaton, 2018, 9781780460772A history of coal and its effects on the earth and its inhabitants
Fossils of the Rhaetian Penarth groupEd. By Andrew Smith, 2001, 090170265XDescribes the many fossils in these late Triassic rocks
*Four centuries of geological travel: the search for knowledge on foot, bicycle, sledge and camelEd. by P.N.Wyse Jackson, 2007, 9781862392342Geological Society Special Publication on the  complexities of geological exploration
GeoBritannica: geological landscapes and the British peopleMike Leeder & Joy Lawlor, 2017, 9781780460604A geological history of Britain and how this influenced history, culture and art
Geological excursions in PowysEdited by N. Woodcock & M. Bassett,  1993,  0708312179A geological history of Powys followed by 15 field trip itineraries
*Geological field sketches and illustrations: a practical guideMatthew J. Penge, 2020, 9780198835929Simple techniques, useful tips and detailed examples on how to draw rocks successfully
Geological field techniquesEdited by Angela L. Coe,  Open University,  2010,  9781444330625Guide to collecting field data on rocks and geological features
Geological history of Britain & IrelandN. Woodcock & R. Strachan,  2nd ed. 2012,  9781405193818The varied geological history written for undergraduate geologists and professionals
Geological history of the British IslesHunter & Easterbrook,  2009,  9780749201388A geological history designed for geology undergraduates and A-level teachers
The geological map : an anatomy of the landscapeEric Edmonds,  1983,  0118807218A booklet guide to the geological map of UK with more detail of some areas
Geological structures: an introductory field guideChris & Helen Pellant, 2016, 9781472927262Clear and informative photographic guide to many geological structures
Geologists’ Association Guide No 1, Area around BirminghamP. A. Garrett et al., 1958, no isbnG. A. guide includes Wren’s Nest and the Lickey Hills
Geologists’ Association Guide No 5, Silurian inliers of the SE Welsh borderlandM. L. K. Curtis et al., 1967, no isbnG. A. guide includes the Usk, Woolhope, May Hill and Tortworth Inliers
Geologists’ Association Guide No. 10, North coast of CornwallW. R. Dearman et al., 1970, 0900717165G. A. guide covers coast from Bude to Tintagel
Geologists’ Association Guide No. 19, West CorwallA. Hall, 2nd ed. 1994, 0900717572G. A. guide covers Lands End, the Lizard, around St Agnes, Falmouth and Mount’s Bay
Geologists’ Association Guide No 27, South ShropshireM. Allbutt et al., 3rd ed.  2002,  090071784xG. A. guide includes 15 itineraries
Geologists’ Association Guide No. 38, Plymouth areaD. M. Hobson, 1978G. A. guide covers Dartmoor, Kit Hill, the Start complex and local bay areas
Geologists’ Association Guide No. 39, Lleyn PeninsularP. J. Cattermole & M.Romano, 1981, 0707304148G. A. Guide to Lleyn Peninsular in northern Wales
Geologists’ Association Guide No. 47, The coastal landforms of West DorsetEd. Robert J. Allison, 1992, 070730623XG. A. guide includes Black Venn, Stonebarrow Hill, Golden Cap and Chesil Beach
Geologists’ Association Guide No. 63, Geology of East MidlandsA. Horton  & P. Gutteridge, 2003, 0900717890G. A. Guide includes part of Peak District, Charnwood and Jurassic uplands
GeologyDebbie Armstrong et al.,  2008,  9780435692117Well illustrated GCE and A Level geology textbook
Geology and landscape of Cornwall & Isles of ScillySimon Camm, 2011,   9780906720837Small book describes the best sites for local geology and  rock types
Geology explained in Severn Vale & CotswoldsWilliam Dreghorn,  1973,  0715341022Line drawings explain formation of features
The geology of Britain: an introductionPeter Toghill,  2000,  9781840374049Clear explanation of the varied rocks and landscapes of the UK
Geology of the Bude area, CornwallDonny Hutton, John Nicklin, TVGS, 2018Booklet produced for TVGS first field trip May 2018
The geology of continental collision – the SouthWest French AlpsDonny Hutton, John Nicklin, TVGS,  2019Booklet produced for TVGS  field course, autumn 2019
Geology of the country around Droitwich, Abberley and KidderminsterMitchell, Pocock & Taylor,  1961,  0118807625British Geological Survey detailed explanation of the Droitwich map 182
Geology of the country around WorcesterW. J. Barclay et al., 1997, 9780118845120British Geological Survey Memoir for 1:50 000 geological sheet 199
Geology of the Jurassic CoastRichard Edwards,  2008,  9780954484545Explains rock and landscapes of the red coast from Exmouth to Lyme Regis
*The geology of Oxford gravestonesNina Morgan, Philip Powell, 2015, 9781910158531Geological trails through 6 Oxford cemeteries
Geology of OxfordshirePhilip Powell,  2005,  9781904349198Illustrated account of the varied geology of Oxfordshire
Geology of PembrokeshireBrian S. John,  1998,  1872887201A description of the geology with b & w illustrations
Geology of ScotlandEdited by G.Y.Craig, 3rd ed. 1991, 0903317648Comprehensive account of the geology of Scotland
Geology of ShropshirePeter Toghill,  2nd ed. 2006,  9781861268037Updated account of varied geology of Shropshire, for all levels of interest
Geology of South Wales: a field guideGareth T. George, 2nd ed. 2015, 9780955937125Detailed geology especially strong on sequence stratigraphy
Geology of the Whitbourne District: Technical report WA/90/90  – archiveW. J. Barclay and P. A. Rathbone,  1990,  no isbnA British Geological Survey technical report
Geology  – the key ideasDavid A. Rothery,  2010,  9781444103120Provides clear explanations of complex geological processes
The Geopark Way: 109 mile walking trail through the Abberley and Malvern Hills GeoparkH&WEHT, 2nd ed. 2018, 9780955839078Guide to walking the Geopark Way in 17 sections
Geoscience: understanding geological processesDee Edwards & Chris King,  1999,  9780340688434Well illustrated A Level and Ist year undergraduate textbook
Glacial and periglacial environmentsDavid Anderson, 2004, 0340812478A concise and readable introduction with photos, maps, and diagrams
The Goldilocks planetJan Zalasiewicz & Mark Williams,  2012,  9780199683505Four billion year story of the earth’s climate
Granite and grit (walker’s guide to UK mountains)Ronald Turnbull, 2009,  9780711231801Describes in words & photos the 17 sorts of stones that make up Britain’s mountains
A guide to fossil collecting in England and Wales: a guide to the collection, preservation and display of fossils.

Steve Snowball & Craig Chapman, 2017, 9780992997991

More than 50 UK localities are described with over 500 colour photos
Guide to the geology of MartleyHWEHT,  2012,  no isbnLocal research with plenty of diagrams and photos prepared for the TVGS
The Gulf of Corinth: classic geology in Europe 11Mike Leeder et al.,  2007,  9781903544235Geological guide to the Gulf of Corinth in Central Greece with excursions
Herefordshire’s rocks and scenery: a geology of the countyJohn Payne editor, 2017, 9781910839164An excellent guide designed for a wide a audience, packed with information
Historical geology in maps: of past geology, geography, coastlines and climate …Peter Roberts, 2016, 9781910537077A simplified, chatty geological history of the British Isles and Ireland
Hutton’s arse , ….. geology in Scotland’s Northern HighlandsMalcolm Rider,  2007,  0954190637Describes the 3 billion year geology of Scotland’s Northern Highlands
The ice age: a very short introductionJamie Woodward,  2014,  9780199580699Examines the quaternary ice age and its changing landscapes and ecosystems
Iceland: classic geology in Europe 3T. Thordarsson & A. Hoskuldsson,  2002,  9781903544068Guide to the exceptional geology of Iceland with excursions
Illustrated Guide to Church Stretton AreaKeith Hotchkiss,  2008,  1874200181Describes the geology on 4 trails
Introducing geology: a guide to the world of rocksGraham Park,  2010,  9781906716219Easily accessible and comprehensive introduction to geology
Introducing geomorphology: a guide to landforms and processesAdrian Harvey,  2012,  9781906716325Easily accessible introduction to geomorphology
Introducing metamorphismIan Sanders, 2018, 9781780460642Accessible introduction to metamorphism
Introducing mineralogyJohn Mason,  2015,  9781780460284Easily accessible introduction to mineralogy
Introducing natural resourcesGraham Park,  2016,  9781780460482Easily accessible introduction to natural resources
Introducing palaeontology: a guide to ancient lifePatrick N. Wyse Jackson,  2010,  9781906716158Easily accessible introduction to palaeontology
Introducing sedimentologyStuart Jones,  2015,  9781780460178Easily accessible introduction to sedimentology
Introducing sea level changeAlastair Dawson, 2018, 9781780460871Accessible introduction to sea level change
*Introducing stratigraphyPaul Lyle, 2019, 9781780460222Accessible introduction to stratigraphy
Introducing tectonics, rock structures and mountain beltsGraham Park,  2012,  9781906716264Easily accessible introduction to tectonics and structural geology
Introducing the planets and their moonsPeter Cattermole, 2014, 9781780460291Easily accessible introduction to planets and their moons
Introducing volcanology: a guide to hot rocksDougal Jerram,  2011,  9781906716226Easily accessible introduction to volcanology
An introduction to geological structures & mapsPaul Olver, G. Bennison, K. Moseley,  2011, 8th ed.  9781444112122Leads students from simple geological structures to more advanced mapping
Invertebrate fossilsMoore, Lalicker & Fischer, 1952, no isbnClassic American textbook comprehensive and well illustrated
Italian volcanoes: classic geology in Europe 1Chris Kilburn & Bill McGuire,  2001,  9781903544041Includes Somma-Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei, the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna
James Hutton: the founder of modern geologyDonald McIntyre & Alan McKirdy ,  2012,  9781905267736Founder of modern geology whose fieldwork proved the earth to be immensely old
Journey to the centre of the earthDavid Whitehouse, 2015, 9781780228709Intriguing information on journey from crust to core
King of Siluria: how Roderick Murchison changed … geologyJohn L. Morton,  2004,  0954682904The story of the eminent 19th century geologist
Krakatoa: the day the world explodedSimon Winchester,  2003,  0670911267Popular account of the volcano that erupted in 1883
*Lakeland rocksAlan Smith, 2019, 9781785006517Describes the various Lakeland rocks and where to find them
Land of mountain and flood: the geology and landforms of ScotlandAlan McKirdy, John Gordon, Roger Crofts, 2007, 9781780274973The geology of Scotland’s varied scenery is clearly illustrated and described
Landscapes of stoneJ.B. Whittow,  1986,  0905483502Describes the stone underlying Britain’s landscapes and its use in local architecture
Leinster: classic geology in Europe 6Chris Stillman  George Sevastopulo, 2005,  1903544130Geological guide to east and southeast Ireland with excursions
The lie of the land: an under the field guide to the British IslesIan Vince,  2010,  9780330535397Wonderfully readable introduction to British geology
Life: a natural history of the first four billion years of life on earthRichard Fortey,  1997,  9780006384205Bestselling popular science biography of rocks and life
Limekilns and limeburningRichard Williams,  1989,  0747800375Describes history and different types of lime kilns
Lime kilns in WorcestershireNils Wilkes,  2015,  no isbn99 looseleaf pages of illustrated research including database of limekilns
London and Thames Valley: British Regional GeologyR.L.Sherlock, 3rd ed. 1960British Geological Survey regional guide
Lost landscapes: the story of the ice age in WorcestershireHerefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Tust, 2018Short well illustrated booklet tells the story of Worcestershire’s last half million years
The Macmillan field guide to geological structuresJohn L Roberts, 1996, 0333662954Guide to rocks and fossils as part of the geological process and environment.
*The making of the British landscape: from the ice age to the presentNicholas Crane, 2017, 9780753826676A history of the British landscape over the last 10,000 years
Malvern Hills: a student’s guide to the geology of the MalvernsD. W. Bullard, 1989, 0861395484Guide to the complex geology with informative diagrams and exercises
The map that changed the worldSimon Winchester,  2001,  0670884073Popular account of William Smith and his geological map
Minerals of the English MidlandsRoy E. Starkey, 2018, 9780993018237Comprehensive account by county of minerals found with over 900 colour images
Mortimer Forest geology trailEd. Andrew Jenkinson, 2008, 1874200092Small illustrated booklet about 4 mile walk to 13 sites
Mountains: the origins of the earth’s mountain systemsGraham Park, 2018, 9781780460666How the earth’s mountain systems have been formed by plate tectonics
Northern England: British Regional GeologyB.J.Taylor et al., 4th ed. 1971, 0118840649British Geological Survey regional guide
The North of Ireland: classic geology in Europe 5Paul Lyle,  2003,  1903544084Geological guide includes Giant’s Causeway and Donegal granites with excursions
*Origins: how the earth shaped human historyLewis Dartnell, 2020, 9781784705435Popular science blending geology and human history
Orkney and Shetland: British regional geologyW. Mykura,  1976,  0118801619British Geological Survey regional guide
*Other minds: the octopus and the evolution of the intelligent mindPeter Godfrey-Smith, 2018, 9780008226299The development of consciousness in cephalophods
The Pennines and adjacent areasW.Edwards & F.M.Trotter, 3rd ed. 1954, 011880702XBritish Geological Survey regional guide
Philip’s guide to minerals, rocks and fossilsA.C. Bishop,  2001,  9780540074297Classic identification guide for amateur and specialist
Plate tectonics: a Ladybird Expert GuideIain Stewart, 2018, 9780718187187Informative introduction from popular geology presenter, with retro artwork
Plates vs plumes: a geological controversyGillian Foulger,  2010,  9781405161480Reviews the plate and plume hypotheses in this paradigm-challenging debate
The Precambrian inlier at Martley, Worcestershire: Martley Rock rediscoveredBarclay, Paul Olver, Sue Hay et al., 2013,  no isbnLocal research reprint from Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club
Principles of physical geologyArthur Holmes, 2nd ed. 1965Seminal work which influenced generations of geologists
Remarkable creaturesTracy Chevalier,  2009,  9780007178384Popular novel about fossil collector Mary Anning
A revised correlation of Carboniferous rocks in the British IslesC. N. Waters et al. 2011, 9781862393332Geological Society technical report updating the Carboniferous column
The River TemeJohn Bradford,  2008,  9780954981358A Journey following the river from Worcester to its source
Rocks: a very short introductionJan Zalasiewicz, 2016, 9780198725190A direct and concise introduction to rocks and earth’s history
Rocks, minerals & fossils of the worldR. Phillips & C. Pellant, 1990, 0330299530Excellent photographs with informative text
Rock trails Lakeland: a hillwalker’s guidePaul Gannon,  2009,  9781906095154Describes the geology for hillwalkers with clarity, enthusiasm and great photographs
Rock trails Peal District: a hillwalker’s guidePaul Gannon,  2011,  9781906095246Describes the geology for hillwalkers with clarity, enthusiasm and great photographs
Rock trails Scottish Highlands: a hillwalker’s guidePaul Gannon,  2012,  9781906095383Describes the geology for hillwalkers with clarity, enthusiasm and great photographs
Rock trails Snowdonia: a hillwalker’s guidePaul Gannon,  2013,  9781906095420Describes the geology for hillwalkers with clarity, enthusiasm and great photographs
Rock trails South Wales: a hillwalker’s guidePaul Gannon, 2016, 9781906095529Describes the geology for hillwalkers with clarity, enthusiasm and great photographs
S260 Geology Block 1: Maps and landscapeOpen University,  2002,  749280387Level 2 student coursebook, well illustrated with questions and answers
S260 Geology Block 2:  Earth materialsOpen University,  2002,  749280395Level 2 student coursebook, well illustrated with questions and answers
S260 Geology Block 3: Internal processesOpen University,  2002,  749280409Level 2 student coursebook, well illustrated with questions and answers
S260 Geology Block 4: Surface processesOpen University,  2002,  749280417Level 2 student coursebook, well illustrated with questions and answers
Sand stone and sea stacksRonald Turnbull,  2011,  9780711232280An illustrative guide to the geology of Britain’s coast, a non-technical read
*Sedimentary StructuresJohn Collinson  Nigel Mountney, 4th ed. 2019, 9781780460628Thoroughly revised student textbook
The shaping of the Isle of Wight with an excursion guideEric Bird,  1997,  0948578831Describes the geology with maps, b&w photos and 12 excursions
Snowball earthGabrielle Walker,  2003,  0747568502How the Snowball Earth theory developed with a focus on the people invloved
The South of Scotland: British Regional GeologyD.C.Greig, 3rd ed. 1971, 11880152XBritish Geological Survey regional guide
South-West England: British Regional geologyE. A. Edmonds et al, 4th ed. 1975, 0118807137British Geological Survey regional guide
The story of the earth in 25 rocksDonald R. Prothero, 2018, 9780231182607Tales of geological puzzles and the people who solved them
The story of fossilsYvette Gayrard-Valy, 1984, *0500300399From myths to early palaeontology, well illustrated
Strata: the remarkable life story of William Smith…..John L. Morton,  new ed. 2004,  9789546829122Smith pioneered stratigraphy and created the first geological map of Britain
Supercontinent: ten billion years in the life of our planetTed Nield,  2007,  9781847080417Entertaining look at the supercontinent cycle
Survivors: the animals and plants that time has left behindRichard Fortey,  2011,  9780007209873Life forms that have survived almost unchanged through geological time
This shrinking land: climate change and Britain’s coastsR. Duck,  2011,  9781845861186Examines how the British coast is changing and why
Trilobite! Eyewitness to evolutionRichard Fortey,  2000,  9780006551386Readable account about trilobites
*Trilobites, dinosaurs and mammoths: an introduction to the prehistory of the British IslesJames McKay, 2019, 9780901702258Palaeontological Association short pictorial guide through history of fossils
Understanding geologyDavid Webster, 1997, 9780050036648Comprehensive GCSE text book and introduction to geology
Vanished ocean: how Tethys reshaped the worldDorrick Stow,  2010,  9780199214280Describes the geology of the Tethys ocean which disappeared 6 million years ago
Vesuvius, a biographyAlwyn Scarth,  2009,  9781903544259Colourful history of famous volcano
*Volcanoes and earthquakes: a guide to our unquiet earthChiara Maria Petrone, Roberto Scandone, Alex Whittaker, 2019, 9781588346551Concise and well illustrated accessible guide
Wales: British regional geologyM. F. Howells, 2007, 9780852725849British Geological Survey regional guide
The Wealden District: British regional geologyR. W. Gallois,  4th ed,  1965,  118840789British Geological Survey regional guide
The Welsh borderland: British regional geologyJ. R. Earp and B. A. Haines,  3rd ed,  1971,  0118801228British Geological Survey regional guide
*The Western Highlands of Scotland: classic geology in Europe 9Con Gillen, 2019, 9781780460406Guide to visiting the geology from Tongue to Loch Lomond
The winelands of Britain: past, present & prospectiveRichard C. Selley,  2nd ed,  2008,  9780954741921Describes two millenia of viticulture and the detirming factors of climate and geology
*World of geology: travels to rocky placesTony Waltham, 2019, 9781849954372110 photos plus explanatory text of impressive geological landscapes
The worst of times: how life on Earth survived eighty million years of extinctions
Paul B. Wignall
Paul B. Wignall, 2015, 9780691176024Examination of earth’s most extreme extinction event from end Permian times
Yorkshire geologyPaul Ensom,  2009,  9781904349648An illustrated account of the geology of Yorkshire
Geological maps
Church Stretton ; Sheet 166 ; Drift edition ; 1967Institute of Geological Sciences ; One-inch series
Droitwich ; Sheet 182 ; Solid and drift edition ; 1976British Geological Survey ; 1:50 000 series
Hereford ; Sheet 198 ; Solid and drift edition ; 1989British Geological Survey ; 1:50 000 series
Ludlow ; Sheet 181 ; Solid and drift edition ; 2000British Geological Survey  1:50 000 provisional series
Worcester ; Sheet 199  ; Solid and drift edition ; 1993British Geological Survey ; 1:50 000 series
UK south sheet ; solid geology map ; 4th ed. 2001British Geological Survey ; 1:625 000 scale
Building stone resources of the United Kingdom, 2001British Geological Survey 1:100,000 scale
Oman geological ophiolite project ; maps 4/5 ; 1982Government of Sultanate of Oman ; 1:100,000
Discovering Geology laminated leaflets
Shropshire geological society:  geotrails
Around the WrekinFrom ashes to ice: the making of Shropshire’s favourite hill
Averley & Severn Valley Country Park
Bridgnorth x 3
Llanymynech HillsFrom corals to coal; quarries to kilns
Wenlock EdgeFrom tropical seas to a wooded escarpment