Talks take place in Martley Memorial Hall (MMH – postcode WR6 6PE) unless otherwise indicated.
If a talk wil take place by Zoom a link will be displayed just before the talk is delivered.

27 February 7:30pm
Tim Atkinson, University College London
“Sand Grains on Speed – radioactive particles in the sea off the north coast of Scotland”
27 March 7:30pm
Prof. Ian Fairchild, University of Birmingham
“An update on the Anthropocene”
24 April 7:30pm
Dr. Simon M Drake
on volcanism in Skye – details to follow

Previous talks in 2022-23 season

26 September 2022
24 October 2022
28 November 2022
23 January 2023
Carl Stevenson, Birmingham University
Stephen Kershaw, Brunel University
Dr Susan Marriott, Bristol University
Mr David M Hall, SulGeology Ltd
Demonstration of the use of a drone to help log the geology of a local exposure. Carl went to a local site to fly his drone then went back to Martley Memorial Hall to see the results of some of his work and after that, there was a talk by Prof. Ian Fairchild on the Birmingham Erratics, along with a glass of wine and access to the library.
"Reefs and Microbiolites" Click the 'Refs.' button to download a Word document of links relating to his talk. The 'Web' button will take you to his website.
“Old Red Sandstone rivers and floodplains: processes, palaeosols and trace fossils"
”The Geology of Yemen: An Overview"

Making mountains out of microbes: stromatolites
Ian Fairchild, Teme Valley Geological Society, January 2022

Tectonics and magmatic structures in the West Midlands
Dr Carl Stevenson, University of Birmingham, February 2022

Sedgwick’s ‘Great Dislocation’ revisited: the Dent Fault, NW England
Nigel Woodcock, University of Cambridge, April 2022

Ice Age ponds and glacial landscapes of western Herefordshire
Ian Fairchild, January 2021