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  1. A simple two-state model interprets temporal modulations in eruptive activity and enhances multivolcano hazard quantification
  2. Tonga eruption’s towering plume was the tallest in recorded history
  3. Volcanic trigger of ocean deoxygenation during Cordilleran ice sheet retreat
  4. Violent supershear earthquakes are more common than previously thought
  5. Two Scottish sites on world geology list
  6. Involcan calculates there is 400 cubic kilometres of magma under La Palma
  7. 500 Million Year-Old Fossils Solve a Centuries-Old Riddle in the Evolution of Life on Earth
Planet in Distress
  1. Fossil fuel burning once caused a mass extinction – now we’re risking another
  2. Big agriculture warns farming must change or risk ‘destroying the planet’ 
  3. Crisis Point as Earth reaches 8 Billion People
Something Slightly Positive?
  1. Brazil, Indonesia and DRC in talks to form ‘Opec of rainforests
The Earth
  1. Why is Mauna Loa erupting now and for how long?
  2. Mauna Loa – Northeast Rift Zone Fissure 3 Eruption Live View
  3. Volcano cam: Watch mesmerizing live views of Mauna Loa’s lava fountain erupting
  4. Chile On Alert As Active Villarrica Volcano Rumbles
  5. What are Earth’s plate tectonics | Everything about plate tectonics
  1. Prehistoric ‘wonderfully weird beast’ Whatcheeria grew big quickly
  2. A Guide to Fossil Formations – Max’s Blogo-Saurus
  3. 100 million-year-old plesiosaur skeleton discovery ‘could hold the key’ to prehistoric research
  4. New Small-Bodied Ankylosaur Species Unearthed in Argentina
  5. Paleontologist accused of faking data in dino-killing asteroid paper
  6. Recently found ‘Neanderthal footprints’ in the South of Spain could be 275,000 years old
  7. Queensland graziers unearth 100m-year-old plesiosaur remains likened to Rosetta Stone 
  8. Problematic tubular fossils from the Portfjeld Formation (Ediacaran) of North Greenland
  9. Manospondylus: Sparing a thought for some fossil plants or how I came to love Araucaria
  1. Gamma-rays may have helped meteorites seed Earth with the building blocks of life
  2. Viking 1 may have landed at site of ancient Martian megatsunami
  3. Mars might still be volcanically active, quakes there suggest
  4. 15-ton meteorite has never-seen-before minerals; may provide clues to asteroid formation
  1. Humanity has become ‘weapon of mass extinction’, UN head tells Cop15 launch
  1. South African Lagerstätte reveals middle Permian Gondwanan lakeshore ecosystem in exquisite detail
  2. Explore ‘the most spectacular landscape on the continent’: Romania’s answer to El Camino de Santiago 
  3. La Brea Tar Pits on list of first geological heritage sites
  4. Study offers new, sharper proof of early plate tectonics, flipping of geomagnetic poles.
  5. Hawaii’s Big Island warned to be ready as huge volcano rumbles
  6. Yosemite Mountains could be younger than thought
  7. Rapid magma ascent beneath La Palma revealed by seismic tomography
  8. An exceptional fossil lizard from the Jurassic period
  9. 100 leading geo sites
  10. Sterane and hopane biomarkers capture microbial transformations of complex hydrocarbons in young hydrothermal Guaymas Basin sediments
  11. Yale study sheds light on Earth’s deadliest extinction event
  12. Paleomagnetic techniques can date speleothems with high concentrations of detrital material

October 26th 2022 links

  1. Researchers discover previously unknown mineralogy of the deep Earth
  2. Post-Miocene tectonics of the Northern Calcareous Alps
  3. Research reveals magma activity beneath Mount Edgecumbe
  4. From Iceland — Earthquakes In Mýrdalsjökull Start Discussions About Possible Eruption Of Katla
  5. Nishinoshima Clears Its Throat
  6. A rapid change in magma plumbing taps porphyry copper deposit-forming magmas
  7. 500,000-Year-Old Tools In Polish Cave May Have Belonged To Extinct Hominid Species
  8. Lithosphere | GeoScienceWorld

BBC News – Scottish sites on list of world’s top 100 geology
More information on Siccar point – one of the 100

A Storyville documentary in which film-maker Werner Herzog pays homage to French volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft, who were killed in a pyroclastic flow in Japan in 1991.
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October 17th 2022 links

  1. How tiny fossils could minimize or supersize the next big earthquake
  2. Catastrophically Fast: Basaltic Magma Chambers Grow Far Faster Than Expected
  3. Lost Continent Named Balkanatolia Discovered After 40 Million Years
  4. ESA – Italy’s Stromboli erupts and Pyroclastic Flow Cascades Down Stromboli Volcano
  5. Enormous waves of lava can help predict volcanic flows
  6. Enormous ancient lava was seen from space like a dark scar
  7. Scientists say all land on Earth is coming together slowly to form a new supercontinent
  8. Greenland’s future may be written under North Sea
  9. The Chicxulub Impact Produced a Powerful Global Tsunami
  10. Living Alongside Volcanoes: photo book excerpt
  11. California Quakes Mysteriously Preceded by Shifts in Earth’s Magnetic Field
  12. Evidence of a Secret Structure Within Earth’s Core Discovered 
  13. Scientists Find Evidence of “Ocean” Hundreds of Miles Below Earth’s Surface
  14. Study shows tectonics to be main driver of hillslope ‘connectivity
  15. Billion-Year Rewind Tracks Supercontinents and Mantle Structures