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Project Completion and Sign Off

We are very pleased to report that all of the project work has now (December 2013) been signed off.  The ladies from the County Council approved our final invoice in August 2013 then for the second time (much to our surprise and slight perturbation/annoyance(?)) the audit inspector from DEFRA visited for several hours inquisition.

All outcomes achieved, more than achieved we reckon, the money received from Europe has been well used in Martley.


The Martley Geology Project Phase 2
As stated elswhere, we were fortunate to receive a second tranche of funding, £10300, commencing work 1st November 2012.  Coincidentally the final claim for phase 1 and sign off of the whole project was submitted along with Claim 1 for the second phase.  Andy was busy that month.  Phase 2 really helps to firm up the vision for Martley as a geology destination–a geo-village.  It includes the following outcomes:

  • Two new geology trails, one around 2.5 miles, the other around 6 with high quality leaflets and maps.
  • Four new A1 sized Interpretation Boards at sites of interest–above the weir at Kingswood, on the Nubbins(sandstone quarries) terrace overlooking the village, at Lower House Quarry near Callow Farm with superb views to Woodbury and Rodge Hills together with rocks packed with fossil crinoids, a type of long stemmed animal that lived in Silurian seas around 420 million years ago and at The Canyon, a dramatic feature in the north end of Penny Hill quarry with excellent structural (folds) features and a thick layer of volcanic ash (Bentonite) from a volcano that covered the whole area with ash, again around 400 million years ago.
  • Geology courses (at least two), 4 sessions and field trip for young persons aged 9-13, to be tutored by Mr Bob Allison of Chantry.  These have been fully advertised at 12 local primary schools and we believe the take up will be good.
  • A small visitor centre, now to be situated at the old weighbridge near The Crown in Martley.
  • Further trenching in the field adjacent to Martley Rock (see ‘News’ for pictures).  These trenches have allowed expert geologists to re-evaluate their interpretation of this unique site, to be presented in academic papers in the future.  See latest Martley Rock Plan 3rd January 2013 with rock exposures discovered.
  • Car parking facilities at Martley Rock–to be laid out when the weather improves

The Martley Geology Project Phase 1

MGP commenced 1st August 2011 thru to end 2012, following successful application for European funding via LEADER.  The project aims were:-

  • An audit of all geological sites in Martley Parish and the production of a document detailing each of them, to be available in the library and elsewhere
  • The development of Martley Rock as a visitor attraction, including access ways and interpretation boards.  This is a local, unique site where five geological periods spanning nearly 700,000,000 years may be seen in one field.
  • Production of educational packs for use by schools, both primary and secondary, with teacher information and worksheets for the pupils.
  • Courses for anyone interested in geology, first one commencing October 11.
  • Geo tourism initiative for Martley, to increase visitor numbers.

As at June 2012 the audit is almost complete, final documentation in preparation, Martley Rock site is complete as planned, the third and last lifelong learning geology course is due to start in September, effort is being out into publicising our geology and educational packs are in planning.